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Child Anxiety Recovery

  • Have you tried the G.P and Talking Therapy?
  • Do you feel your child’s anxiety is worsening?
  • Are you feeling let down, lost and unsupported?
  • Are you ready to take action and do something different ?

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At the end of your Tether, Tired and Let Down by the System?

Have you even tried play therapy, CBT, hypnotherapy, maybe been advised to test your child for Autism, blood tests, medication?

Nothing is working and your child now is refusing to engage in any help, they are becoming reclusive and withdrawn. Everything you say makes them angry and at times aggressive?

Children are being treated for anxiety as if it were a mental health condition, asked to dredge over trauma or medicated to mask the sensations. That is not our way, we offer an alternative path, which is not therapy.

We have a 3-pronged approach that when applied reverses your child’s adrenaline levels back to normal – You get your Creative, Imaginative, kind and Sensitive child BACK.

Schools are not coping with the crisis and home schooling is on the increase as more people avoid the issue. Parents are having to give up work, relationships are crumbling with the strain. Other siblings are being affected. It is the world that has gone mad – not the children !

Watch the videos, read the Reviews and think about making the switch from following the herd. If queuing for CAMHS is not for you, or traditional therapies are drawing a blank and sending you down the Autism path because they have failed to make a difference for your child, then could it be time to consider alternatives?

If you feel like, for the very first time in maybe years, we are talking about your child, and YOU then you have found your pot of gold at the end of what will have been a long gruelling road of hell.

The the current system is letting down children and their families. Young people with ANXIETY, ADHD, OCD, Agoraphobia and SO many other Anxiety related conditions.

We have been coaching children into a better place for over 15 years. The last 3 years via zoom in the comfort of the child’s and family home. This has led to us to being able to provide a number of coaching solutions, all including a series of on-line educational videos for parents, children and schools, that will morph and manifest into other conditions like Anorexia Nervosa, Agoraphobia, Emetophobia, Self-Harm and many more life debilitating conditions. 

What we do is counter-intuitive – but absolutely works.

“Rarely do parents arrive at our Formula who have not also been struggling for years with anxiety – This process starts with parents and recovers and transforms the whole family “

Enjoy watching the videos and feel relief that someone finally knows what they are talking about and what to do to make your child and family better.

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Please watch the Videos...

This is Child Anxiety Recovery Program.

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Why Anxiety leads to School Refusal

Scared they may embarrass  themselves in front or friends, stuck in a classroom not being able to leave. Afraid of vomiting or pooing their pants. This is REAL fear and no child should live a life like this.

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Why does my child get so angry?

The Incredible Hulk character was based upon him being ‘juiced up’ with adrenaline. This is the same for the children, they have a mask for others but not for Mum, you get the attacks, and the sorry after.

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Anorexia -textbook with Anxiety.

Feeling sick, no appetite, thoughts of dread over your weight, What If thoughts about your appearance – No wonder anorexia takes hold when with all the above and no control, this is all you have.

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Why Adrenaline prohibits sleep..

The real you is the relaxed version – You are not born stressful, talking fast and multi-tasking, worried and full of fears. But when you re-set your adrenaline levels they do not go down when you go to bed or fall asleep.

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Anxiety causes Tummy Issues..

Every child who comes here has tummy issues, it is part of the territory. Watch the video and find out why. Join the program to make your child healthy and well again. The cost can no longer be an excuse !

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Autism V Anxiety ...

  • Sensory Issues
  • Not wanting to socialize
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Hyper and stressful
  • Not liking surprises
  • Seperation issues


Don't just take Our Word...

Hear what REAL parents have to say about their expereince with us – Mums and Dads who felt let down by the NHS, CAHMS, The Doctor and their school. 

The ‘free’ system that makes your child worse, the GP option to medicate or just put up with it.

The school offering the phased return system that only makes matters worse?

Is it any wonder you are tired, scared and at the end of your tether.

Case Studies

Life Before Joining?

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Case Studies

Your Reservations?

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Case Studies

How is Life Now?

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Case Studies

Would you recommend us?

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Does Your Child Struggle with...

  • Not wanting to go to school or socialize.
  • Anger issues and aggressive outbursts.
  • Feeling sick and having tummy issues.
  • Not being able to sleep, waking with night frights.
  • Instrusive thoughts.
  • Hating loud noises and bright lights.
  • Self-Harm
  • Issues with food/Eating Disorders
  • OCD and/or Rituals.
  • Phobias (Germs or similar)
  • Experiencing terrifying panic attacks

Is Your Child…

  • A creative character
  • With an imaginative personality
  • Caring
  • Sensitive
  • Deep thinking
  • Kind and funny

Are they now…

  • Unhappy, and isolated…
  • Locked away in their room…
  • Lashing out at you..
  • Ruining the family life…
  • Affecting other siblings…
  • Making you feel scared to say anything to them…
  • Hating themselves
  • not wanting to be here anymore…

What Happens for Parents...

The first action is to give Mum and Dad our Dragonfly portal, this is a mini program before we start with your child.

There are several videos to watch with an interactive help button for any additional support needed at this first stage.

We promise that you will be amazed at how powerful and resourceful this portal is and how your child will not just engage but LOVE doing the program.

How this works for the Children....

All children have to do is listen and watch, we ask nothing more from them. They do not need to talk, just eat their snacks and watch.

Mum and/or Dad need to set 30 minutes aside 3x a week to simply sit and watch with your child. You can make it once a week but this will take longer, but it is your shout.

You pick a place, day and time and keep this consistent. It take priority over all else, this is not forever. If you need a deep dive we send a personal video to your child, all included in the £29.

There is also a mini school portal that you can share with your child's school to help make sure the teachers are on the same 'wave length' alongside a section for Mums and Dads and how to be on the first day back.

How It Works

How It Works…. It feels counter-intuitive and at times challenging – And it begins with Parents.

We give you a deep dive into the condition, how it starts and how with your child’s personality type when the environment becomes troubled this becomes a perfect storm, and how this results in an anxiety disorder very quickly, that will then spiral and manifest in so many disorders (Eating issues, Tummy problems, Sickness, Insomnia, Phobias, OCD rituals and too many more to mention here) it quickly spirals.

During the first two weeks you will change and become calmer and empowered. No longer vulnerable, lost and blindsided. Your child will pick up on this and  you will notice a change in how they behave within this initial period. Unknowingly, and unwittingly your fears and worries have added to your child’s anxiety (it is impossible for parents, and everyone is in the same boat) the process has now begun and as you become less fearful, less panicky the environment at home for your child becomes a place in which we can begin your child’s recovery. A foundation that can now become part of the solution and not the problem.

Next steps are then to bring your child in on their journey. You will continue into your next stage of the process as your child starts with 3 videos everyday and up to 3 facetime sessions a week are available to jump on for support and guidance.

From a high level we give your child (and you) the knowledge to be able to no longer fear the symptoms, feelings and thoughts, to stop running away and treat the sensations as challenges to overcome and grow from.

To take the adversity and make it their strength and not their demise.

You can only do this once you understand. 

It is a joining up of dots program that whilst is the exact same system used to have recovered hundreds of children, the process is tailored and individualized to be the right fit for each and every family and child.


Process 01


Deconstructing the myths and fear of Anxiety Disorders, Panic, Phobias and OCD behaviours. Stopping children adding fear on fear and escalating the condition. Stabilising and building the foundation for a brighter future to move into Cocoon with a new script and new sense of control seen in their faces…

Process 02


We begin in Cocoon the transformation and change. Taking the information that has already lifted the fear, panic and overwhelm we use this to start to re-build confidence to get back to doing the things your child has stopped doing and even begin to implement new activities as they grow stronger.

Process 03


Like with muscle memory the adrenaline can be quickly triggered in the early stages and it is during Butterfly we begin future proofing and changing perspectives to avoid the pitfalls of life going forwards. We also look at old habits formed from living with anxiety for months on end. We never leave until your child is recovered.

Featured Video Blogs

  • Please watch, and talk to us if you have any additional questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ’s below may help get you out of your own way and take action.

On average 8 – 12 weeks. 

Parents stop when their child is recovered.

(The program is paid weekly, and at any point you can cancel)

Davina Townley (Integrated Child Psychotherapist) whose daughter also went through the program.

Samantha Robins (ex-anxiety suffererer, Author and original founder) 

This Formula is designed to recover children from the age of 5 up to 25 years, it also is a recovery program for parents who may be struggling with stress and anxiety. Each family has a blue print process tailor made for individual circumstances. Whilst anxiety affects families it does so in varying different ways and no one family is the same.

Parents with children diagnosed with Autism must watch all the videos and make an informed decision. As you will hear on the videos, Autism is a spectrum and if a child has an Anxiety Disorder then the symptoms of this will ensure if your child undergoes an Autistic Test they will be diagnosed as being on the spectrum. 

This is the ideal scenario, but often not possible. We will work with one parent, both parents and all extended family. Our only aim is to make your child better, happy and confident again and we pull out al the stops to ensure this is the end result. 

Anxiety Disorders take hold of creative, sensitive and deep thinking personalities so not all children are effected by life in the same way, however if more than one child is struggling in the family then there is plenty of space for 2 (or even 3 !) jump on a call with us if you feel you would like to chat through your own individual circumstances.

We have had a number of young people with Anorexia Nervosa and have been successful. Eating Disorders are a common side effect of Anxiety. When the body is filled with adrenaline we lose our appetite and often feel sick (with fear) this is the catalyst for eating disorders to thrive.

We are based in The South West, South East and Scotland covering the UK and Irelend, all sessions are held on Zoom, which we have found to be hugely popular with children and helpful to working parents. Originally the sessions were done face to face in our studios but with the surge in technology we can offer our program across the world to all children and families crying out for help.

We offer a 7 day full money back guarantee in the event you feel the formula is not right for you and/or your child.

It is ground breaking and revolutionary in this sector – Being recognised in the UK across schools and psychotherapy practices as a sustainable, effective model after 3 years the name ‘Young Vibes’ is fast becoming known as the no.1 Formula for anxiety Recovery in young people both in the UK and Ireland.


This question is asked a lot, as so many children have been put into therapies that have made them feel worse, we have many levers and have not failed yet. This program is like no other, and you will see that the day you start.

Having been excited previous treatments that have failed, your children and partner are now past listening. If your gut is telling you to go for it then you have nothing to lose with the 14 day guaranteed money back being part of the contract.

Yes, we offer a 2 week full money back guarantee. This is a legal requirement for any course or program ordered on-line.

All the Drop In sessions and 121 meetings are on zoom, the portal sessions are videos and are supported with individual mentor support via chat, WhatsApp or telephone, with tailored videos from Sam by request.

Developed by Davina Townley (Integrated Child Psychotherapist)

Video Content by Samantha Robins (ex-sufferer, Author and original founder)

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