How it works

The YoungVibes Program Is Unique

Schools are not coping with the crisis and home schooling is on the increase as more people avoid the issue. Parents having to give up work, relationships crumbling with the strain. Other siblings being affected. It is the world that has gone mad – not the children !

How It Works

The journey that starts with Mum and Dad to help you out of the pit first – Putting the oxygen mask on, on both programs.

Your child is introduced into the process with an allocated mentor for support after 10 – 14 days.

We know you are exhausted, we know you have tried everything the Doctor, EDMR, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Books, Potions, CBT, School Counsellors and maybe even medication. You may have had your child tested for Autism, or even had blood tests so we know that you may arrive drained and depleted. 

We take your hand and get you back to feeling optimistic and energised, engaged and motivated.

This is not talking therapy, or any form of CBT – We talk and things change.

All we ask is you commit to the process, and make the adjustments and modifications required to form the foundation for your child to recover, and use the school option if school is a trigger.

Process 01

Caterpillar + Bee

Deconstructing the myths and fear of Anxiety Disorders, Panic, Phobias and OCD behaviours. Stopping children adding fear on fear and escalating the condition. Stabilising and building the foundation for a brighter future to move into Cocoon with a new script and new sense of control seen in their faces…

Process 02

Cocoon + Pollen

We begin in Cocoon the transformation and change. Taking the information that has already lifted the fear, panic and overwhelm we use this to start to re-build confidence to get back to doing the things your child has stopped doing and even begin to implement new activities as they grow stronger.

Process 03

Butterfly + Nectar

Like with muscle memory the adrenaline can be quickly triggered in the early stages and it is during Butterfly we begin future proofing and changing perspectives to avoid the pitfalls of life going forwards. We also look at old habits formed from living with anxiety for months on end. We never leave until your child is recovered.

You do not walk alone.

The Young Vibes Child Anxiety Recovery Formula is an opportunity to take your child and family on an empowering journey, that takes the adversity and makes it into your child’s greatness.

It’s unique, counterintuitive, and designed to take parents who may feel lost, hopeless, and at a breaking point through a reversal journey to give back to their child. Using this formula, you can help your child realize their true potential- tapping into their creative, imaginative, kind, and sensitive nature instead of spending hours playing video games or hiding in their rooms.

The Child Anxiety Coaching Formula offers a solution that does not involve treating anxiety as a mental health condition, dredging up traumatic memories, or taking medication that can have lasting side effects. Instead, this formula provides an alternative path that includes parents in healing.

Take this Leap Out of the Pit...

We want to include mums and dads rather than excluding them.

Families face difficult times with schools not coping with ever-increasing demands to support their children. As more parents struggle to juggle work and home-schooling, relationships have taken a strain as siblings have to adapt to the changes. It can leave you feeling like the world has gone mad – and indeed, it has!

Luckily, there are alternatives to the traditional therapies which are not helping your child. If things are not going well, consider exploring different methods which have been able to help many families. Over the last 15 years, we have coached children diagnosed with mental health issues such as Anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and Agoraphobia. We have even recently started offering online educational videos for parents, children, and schools.

We are unconventional but have a proven track record of successful results. If you want an alternative to the traditional treatments that may not have been working for your child, then look at our videos and reviews. When you watch them and realize the topic is similar to what your child is experiencing… then you know you have found the right place.

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